What’s New in Talend Integration Cloud Spring ‘16

Real-time big data integration power and control in a secure, managed cloud service.

Talend Integration Cloud

Integrate all your cloud and on-premises data with Talend Integration Cloud, a secure, cloud integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS). Increase productivity and agility of both IT and business units with powerful tooling and optimized integrations.

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First to automate AWS EMR and Redshift provisioning for big data integration

Talend Integration Cloud makes data warehousing and big data projects with
AWS EMR and Redshift more affordable.


Control costs of integration jobs on AWS Redshift and EMR with automatic provisioning and termination of clusters.


Expand your structured and unstructured datasets without over-extending your budget.


Lower your operational overhead by choosing utility-based pricing from AWS.

Speed deployment with native support for Spark on Amazon

Easily distribute real-time big data workflows with Talend Integration Cloud.

  • Empower IT experts within business units to deploy Apache Spark and Spark Streaming workflows.
  • Connect to Apache Kafka endpoints using Talend Integration Cloud and integrate high-speed messaging data into Spark Streaming to enrich your real-time analytics.
  • Utilize machine learning components for customer segmentation, forecasting, classification, regression analysis and more for in the cloud or hybrid integrations.

Scale and optimize hybrid integration patterns

As data sources expand—sensor data, social data, on-premises apps, and more—hybrid integration workflows become more complex, yet even more essential. Talend Integration Cloud Spring ’16 provides more visibility and control with enterprise-class capabilities.

  • Improved job scheduling, monitoring, and clustering.
  • Automatically scale your integration runtime engines for additional throughput.
  • Optimize integration workflows with advanced event-based scheduling and error handling.