Innovate at Speed in the Cloud

Get trusted insights faster than ever to delight your customers, adopt new technologies easily, and lead in the digital economy.

For Talend users, speed is a critical competitive advantage

Accelerate analytics with trusted data in the cloud for faster insights and engaged customers

Become a digital leader. Ingest and integrate any data from any source and seamlessly migrate to a cloud data warehouse on AWSMicrosoft Azure, or Snowflake — among others — to optimize business processes, improve decisions, and personalize customer interactions.

Scale data processing and machine learning to meet business needs

Spend less and do more with leading cloud serverless platforms such as Databricks and Qubole. Leverage native integration to accelerate analytics and machine learning deployments. Support more use cases and more data with automated delivery to maximize benefits.

30 Percent Increase in Sales

Enable better decision making by providing trusted and governed data

Discover and resolve data quality issues up front, foster collaboration between IT and the business, and achieve data governance and privacy while offering great customer experiences.

Turn data into revenue by providing data as a service to your organization

Create new products and services faster and drive new business revenue with accessible applications and data. Quickly implement APIs with an integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS).

Exceptional Data Turns into Dollars

Customer success stories

“With our new data analytics platform, powered by Talend, we now can better understand where the market is going, which helps us optimize energy trading while managing risk and complying with regulations.”


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