Too Soon to Talk Holiday Shopping?

Too Soon to Talk Holiday Shopping?


We recently completed a survey uncovering some of the new opportunities and challenges facing online retailers. You can read the highlights in the press release here: . As you’ll see, one of the focus areas of the survey is around the challenge of shopping -cart abandonment, which costs the retail industry hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars a year.

For this post however, I thought we could focus on some of the fun findings in the survey and, in particular, some of the differences between men and women when it comes to online shopping.

Here’s a SUPER easy one to start things off. Who do you think begins holiday shopping later - men or women?

Sure, no surprises here, it is indeed men. In fact, over 20% of the women we polled started holiday shopping before October, while only about 11% of men claimed to have done so. Men are also apparently way more likely to be shopping procrastinators, with over 30% indicating they wouldn’t start holiday shopping until Dec. Only 18% of women will wait that long.

There are a few things that women and men are completely in sync on – surprisingly within a couple of percentage points. Men and women both primarily do their online shopping from the comfort of their homes (approx. 94%). Both genders also indicate they expect to complete more of their shopping online this year (approx. 60%) and, in fact, about 27% of both groups think they’ll complete about half of all their shopping online this year.

In addition, an almost identical percentage of men and women say they always intend to purchase the items they place in their cart (37%). So what are the remaining 63% doing with their shopping carts if not shopping? Well, it seems many are just enjoying a guilt (and bill) free shopping trip. A full 29% of women are using the cart as a “wish list”, while for men about 22% and 21% respectively indicate they are using the cart to “just browse” or to calculate total cost.

For men, the number one reason for abandoning a cart was actually a dead heat at 27% between total cost of goods and cost of shipping. For women, shipping costs were far and away the biggest reason for deserted carts (37%). We also asked men and women to choose from a list what they shopped for most online. Options included Groceries, Fashion, Home Goods/Furniture, Cosmetics, Music/Film/Gaming, and Technology. Can you guest the top two for each gender?  Take a look at the full survey to find out if you are right:

Here’s wishing you a safe and happy shopping season!

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