Talend Component Creation

Talend provides tools for you to easily create and use custom components to handle specialized connections to legacy systems and business specific applications.

This course is aimed at Java developers responsible for the development of custom Talend components that extend the features provided by Talend Data Integration solutions. You will learn about the development framework that you use to create, reuse, test, and debug component functions and how finished components can be added to the Studio.


Two days (14 hours)

Target Audience

Anyone who wishes to create custom Java components for use in Talend Studio.


DI Enterprise plus experience developing Java applications.

Course Objectives

After completing this class, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish the native Talend components from custom components.
  • Create a component that reproduces the behavior of a standard Talend connector.
  • Create a component that reproduces the behavior of a standard flow component.
  • Manage reusable components from a central location.
  • Use the embedded Java editor to enable auto completion, syntax check, documentation, and error explanation.
  • Organize your functions with Talend routines.
  • Embed jar files into Talend routines.
  • Use Joblets to reuse your Jobs.
  • Use the Debug view to examine and modify the values of variables in real time.
  • Design a component so that it can be internationalized with language properties files.
  • Examine the XML description of a component from within the Component Designer.
  • Briefly explain how the Talend studio generates the java code for job templates and job scripts and give an advantage to using this approach.
  • Briefly descirbe the purpose and content of the three template files.
  • Develop a connector to generate a data flow.
  • Develop a flow component to modify a data flow.

Course Agenda

  • Context Management
  • Error Management
  • Code Components
  • Java Editor
  • Managing Shared Code
  • Implementing Jobs
  • Debugging
  • Component Design
  • Component Decription Files
  • Localization
  • JET Templates
  • Loading a jar