Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Enterprise

Talend ESB Enterprise is a reliable and scalable enterprise service bus (ESB) that allows development teams to holistically address integration projects - combining application integration and data management for complex, heterogeneous IT environments.

This course introduces you to features in the Talend ESB subscription products, Enterprise and Platform, which add advanced deployment and team collaboration facilities, as well as management functions. Team members can store and share their Data Services, Mediation Routes, and metadata in a shared subversion based repository available through the Web-based Talend Administration Center. The Talend Administration Center enables you to access and manage the Routes or Services created from the Talend Studio and published into the artifact repository, and set up their deployment and execution in the Talend Runtime. These features, Talend Runtime, Talend Administration Center with ESB Conductor and ESB Publisher, CommandLine and the Artifact (Nexus) Repository are used in the course labs.

Duration 1 day
Target Audience Java Application Developers and Software Architects
Prerequisites ESB Basics course and basic Java knowledge. Familiarity with Sonatype Nexus, Visual SVN Server Manager, and Apache Tomcat are helpful but not required.
Course Objectives
After completing this class, you will be able to:
  • Define and use the Talend ESB Infrastructure
  • Verify the setup of Talend Administration Center, Nexus Artifact Repository, and SVN repositories
  • Use Talend Runtime to deploy and run ESB Routes and Data Services
  • Use Talend ESB Conductor to deploy and run Routes and Data Services on Talend Runtime Servers
  • Use the Talend ESB Publisher (graphical interface) to publish Services or Routes to the Artifact Repository
  • Use Talend CommandLine (non-graphical interface) to publish Services or Routes to the Artifact Repository
  • View additional ESB Features
Course Agenda
  • Verify the Talend ESB Enterprise/Platform Infrastructure setup
    • Talend Administration Center (TAC)
    • Artifact Repository (Nexus)
    • VisualSVN
  • Use Talend Studio to export a Data Service as a kar file
  • Use Talend Runtime to deploy and run a Data Service
  • Use ESB Conductor to:
    • Publish a Data Service into the Artifact Repository
    • Deploy a SOAP or REST Service or Route to run on a Talend Runtime Server
    • Undeploy a Service or Route
  • Use ESB Publisher to publish Data Services or Routes into the Artifact Repository
    • Create Triggers
    • Duplicate Tasks
  • Use the CommandLine to publish Services or Routes into the Artifact Repository
  • Introduce Additional ESB Features