Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Basics

This class covers the fundamentals of working with Talend Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), giving you a working knowledge of the purpose of the product, its components, and how you would start to use the product to solve your integration projects from quickly building messaging routes and integration jobs to implementing web services with SOAP and REST applications.

After taking the Talend ESB Basics course you may want to take the one day Talend ESB Enterprise 5.5 training course which covers Enterprise (and Platform) features such as ESB Conductor, ESB Publisher, CommandLine and using the Talend Administration Center.

Note that Talend Data Integration (DI) components may be used as an extension to ESB’s routing capabilities; however, training around the DI components is mostly out of scope for this course except for a few components that relate directly to ESB functionality.

Duration 2 days
Target Audience Java Application Developers and Software Architects
Prerequisites Completion of DI Basics, or the equivalent experience. Some basic familiarity with the following is helpful but not required:
  • SOAP and REST web services
  • Databases (in particular SQL)
  • Java (such as Java expression syntax)
Course Objectives
After completing this class, you will be able to:

ESB Mediation Routes

  • Develop Message Processing Routes using Enterprise Integration Patterns
  • Use Load Balancing to distribute to multiple endpoints
  • Create a Route using JMS Producing/Consuming
  • Create a Route based on XPath expressions or other message contents
  • Use Basic Error Handling in Mediation Routes
  • Call a Talend Job from a Route
  • Use Talend DI components with ESB Routes

ESB Data Services

  • Develop and test Data Services using SOAP and REST Web Services
  • Access a database from within a job using SOAP and REST Services
Course Agenda
  • Develop ESB Mediation Routes
  • Develop Data Services using SOAP and REST
  • Test Data Services (SOAP and REST)
  • Develop Routes with DI Jobs