Data Quality (DQ) Basics

Talend Studio for Data Quality (DQ) enables business and data analysts to assess the data quality of most any data source. Understand the completeness, accuracy and integrity of data in preparation for data migration, instance consolidation, and data integration.

This course is designed to get you up and running with Talend Studio for Data Quality as quickly as possible. It helps you learn how to assess the quality of data contained in your information system based on a defined set of metrics and thresholds, using a set of indicators, patterns, and rules for each data element being analyzed or monitored. The focus is discovery of quality issues within sample data provided. The majority of features used in this class are included in the Talend Open Studio for Data Quality.

Duration 2 days
Target Audience Anyone who wants to assess the quality of their data
Prerequisites None. Completion of DI Basics knowledge is highly encouraged. Basic SQL knowledge is helpful.
Course Objectives
After completing this class, you will be able to:
  • Navigate Talend Studio for Data Quality in order to access desired functionality
  • Connect to a data source and run data analyses
  • Examine the contents of a data source connection
  • Perform a data analysis using the Schema and Catalog analysis tools
  • Analyze the data retrieved from a single column using a pre-defined pattern
  • Generate a regular expression to test data quality
  • Use a custom or built-in pattern to test data quality
  • Perform a data analysis based on a single column, a single table, multiple columns, and multiple tables
  • Create and apply a set of business rules to separate non-conforming data from conforming data
  • Manage Tasks in the Talend Studio
Course Agenda
  • Create Database Connections and Metadata
  • Basic Data Analysis (Connection and Catalog)
  • Single Column and Matching Analysis
  • Single Table Analysis
  • Multi-Column Analysis
  • Column Correlation Analysis
  • Managing Tasks