Big Data (BD) Enterprise

Talend provides a development environment that allows for interaction with Big Data sources and targets without the need to learn and write complicated code. Running 100% natively on Hadoop, Talend Big Data provides massive scalability.

Talend Big Data Enterprise class follows Talend Big Data Hadoop Components class and is dedicated to MapReduce jobs. You will discover and use the functionalities associated with Talend Big Data Enterprise software, such as context variables, metadata, data viewer and MapReduce job designer.

Duration 2 days
Target Audience Anyone who wants to create MapReduce Jobs using Talend Big Data Enterprise studio
Prerequisites DI Basics, BD Hadoop Components
Course Objectives
After completing this class, you will be able to:
  • Develop and run MapReduce jobs
  • Convert a standard job into a MapReduce job
  • Connect to a Hadoop cluster
  • Create Metadata for your Hadoop cluster connection
  • Configure context variables
  • Retrieve the schema of a file using Talend Wizard
  • Send data to Hadoop HDFS
  • Load multiple files into HDFS
  • Check data with Data Viewer
  • Read and write HBase tables
  • Write data to a HTML file
  • Use Twitter API
  • Sort and aggregate data using MapReduce components
  • Filter data using MapReduce components
  • Join tables
Course Agenda
  • Apache Weblogs Use Case
  • Weather Data Use Case
  • Sentiment Analysis Use Case
  • Clickstream Use Case