Open Source SOA

Open Source SOA is Better SOA

For building and operating SOA infrastructure and services, open source SOA software offers compelling advantages over proprietary products:

  • Since commitment to open standards and interoperability is a core principle of the open source software movement, building your service architecture on an open source SOA foundation eliminates the risk of "vendor lock-in" associated with proprietary solutions.
  • Because active open source projects attract the participation of a broad community of developers with different experiences and insights, the pace of innovation and enhancement in open source solutions is often faster than with single-company proprietary products. With open source SOA software, you're likely to get technology from the leading edge of SOA design and implementation.
  • The developer communities that surround popular open source projects are an invaluable resource for the users of the software, and especially for new users. Open source communities can be great sources of advice, feedback, and even application extensions.
  • A n open source SOA solution lets you get under the hood and customize or extend the code, if you're so inclined.
  • Last but certainly not least, with an open source SOA solution, you'll be able to launch and maintain your service architecture at far less cost than with proprietary technology.

Talend Delivers the Best Open Source SOA Solution

Talend is the leading professional provider of open source integration software. The open source SOA vendor of choice for businesses and public entities worldwide, Talend offers a compelling set of benefits and value-added services:

  • The best combinations of complementary open source technologies for enterprise infrastructure and service oriented architecture web services development. For example, the Talend ESB SOA suite integrates and enhances multiple Apache open source technologies to deliver comprehensive support for SOA design, development, deployment, and management. Talend ESB includes a high-performance distributed enterprise service bus; a powerful Eclipse-based service development environment; robust service registry capabilities; comprehensive WS-compliant security functionality; and option packs for BPM, real-time system monitoring and management, and data integration functionality that maximizes the reach of your SOA integration infrastructure.
  • Exhaustive pre-testing across a range of environments and platforms, to ensure the software's readiness for mission-critical deployments.
  • Comprehensive, professional quality user documentation, as well as both class-based and web-based training resources.
  • Facilitation of an active user community, through platforms such as the Talend Forum and the Talend Exchange.
  • Responsive technical support and professional services, from Talend engineers who also serve as major contributors to leading open source projects such as Apache CXF and Apache Camel.
  • A ready-made network of technology partners and consulting partners who can further support your SOA initiatives.

Learn more about Talend’s application integration solutions from the many resources on this web site, or download Talend Open Studio for ESB today and start benefiting from the leading open source ESB tool.